• Genkit 2.0

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    Genkit is a part of "re-balance" collection, Genkit name took from "genki" (jpn) which means healthy + "kit" (eng) as kit, so it means a kit for your health. Genkit is made to support your daily need during this Covid-19 pandemic, it is also can be a thoughful gift for your love one this time. Genkit is package consist of Cotton Face Mask + Half-zip pouch + Covid-19 survival guide.

    Package Size
    30cm x 25cm (lenght x width)


    1. Cotton Mask
      Cotton face mask  package consist of 3pcs of mask.
      materials: Cotton fabric materials with rubber band.
      maintaining: Normal wash

    2. Half-zip Pouch
      You will also get 1pcs of Half-zip Pouch inside this package in random color.
      materials: Water Repellent Polyester fabric with Elastic Paracord.
      maintaining: Hand wash, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron

    3. Covid-19 AME Guide
      Covid-19 AME Guide consist of printed illustration of what you can do during this Covid-19 pandemic customized by AME Team.

    4. Mask Support
      Mask support package consist of 3pcs of each color black, grey, and khaki.
      materials: Synthetic leather.
      maintaining: Hand wash

    5. Handkerchief
      Handkerchief package consist of 2pcs of each checkerboard pattern blue and brown.
      materials: Cotton fabric.
      maintaining: Normal wash