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Aug 19 2020

Re-balance Collection Release

Re-balance your life!

Bandung, August 16th 2020


We all have been affected by Covid-19 pandemic this year, it’s still happening in almost all over the world and we don't know how long this will go on. This has a considerable impact on various aspects and has caused significant changes in the social and economic conditions in society.


Over time, this incident brings more or less changes in our life, both our habits and lifestyle has shifted to the current condition. Something that we usually do in an open area now has shifted to indoor activities, the work and social life that we know the same anymore. Even more it also may have an impact on our mental health.


We are indeed unable to avoid what has happened, but we believed we have the ability not only to be able to adapt and survive  in various situations but to restore the balance that once existed in our lives.


AME Raincoat invites you to be part in our latest campaign that we called “re-balance”. “Re” have the meaning as to restore or bring back, and “balance” as balance in our life. With this campaign we hope that we can participate to help you bring back your balance in life. We will divide it into several phases with each release, it contains various daily necessity needs. 


In the first phase, apart from cotton masks and half-zip pouch that have become a daily necessity, “re balance” also introduce GENKIT 2.0 which contains new products such as Mask Support, Sacoche bag, Handkerchief and many more will be coming.



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