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Apr 28 2020

Unbounded Collection Release

Unbound The Energy Of Our Inner Vibrant
Introducing AME’s New Collection: “unbounded”

Bandung - April 28 nd 2020
Life has always been a never-ending series of changes. Just when we thought it couldn’t
be more bizarre, we got struck by COVID-19 pandemic in the early year. This changes
our behavior—the way we interact with society, and how we perceive the world.

We can’t escape from “the nature of changing”, can we? We might just play with it and
make the best out of it. Therefore, through this new collection, we aim to break through
and get out of our usual basic looks. We bring a new theme normcore which combining
normality and hardcore. This newborn collection is showcasing the vibrant, fun, and
unordinary appearance, while still inherit to AME’s identity.

Here we present you our new collection, unbounded. Have a meaning; that our style
has no limitation. Unbounded also means that we are not bound by the norm, age,
culture, time, place, weather, and condition. Moreover, unbounded represents the
spirit of freedom within us all.

Unbounded consist of three series: Authentic Series in Authentic Orange, Authentic
Teal Green, Authentic Purple. Bonito Parka Series in Bonito Teal Green and Bonito
White. Last but not least our Makkoto Series in Makkoto Mustard and Makkoto Black.
The colors are inspired by classic pop colors, which symbolize our inner energy and the
reflection of dynamic personalities in every person.

Unbounded Collection is not trying to push you to be different, or at all to be
something who you are not. It’s exactly the opposite. Unbounded Collection is here to
celebrate you for being you, because we have our own unique sides within us. This
collection won’t lose its core, the series is made of waterproof materials. Thus,
unbounded Collection will accompany you in for any kinds of days.

Out of everything, we feel proud and honored to be able to bring you unbounded
Collection in this situation. We hope this new collection of ours will bring you boundless
of joy. More importantly, we hope you are safe!

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