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Jul 16 2019

What you should prepare to go to music festival

 You like to enjoy live music or gigs so much? We love it too! But do you often feel lack of preparation or forget something to bring with you?

Watching an outdoor concert or music festival will give you different excitement than an indoor-concert. You can enjoy the open space and fresh air. To feel the excitement of outdoor-concert without worry, here are some tips from us to guide you

1.    Ticket 

One thing you must have before going to the concert is a ticket. You definitely need it to enter the concert venue and meet your favorite artist. Music festivals or gigs usually held more than one day with different line-up on each day. Check your favorite artist performance day before buying a ticket. Try to buy a “pre-sale ticket” that is generally sold one month before the Day. Purchasing a pre-sale ticket is saving more money than a normal or on-the-spot ticket.

Another way to get cheaper ticket price if you missed the presale ticket date is by buying it in a “group-order” tickets. The “group-order” ticket can be purchased at least five people. Besides you get a cheaper price you can also enjoy the concert with your friends

2.    Check the rundown

To enjoy your favorite artist performance you should check on the rundown made by the promotor or staff because usually many people come in late or too early for the performances. You want to watch it at the right time right?

3.    Outfit

You might want to stand out or look eccentric in the crowd but wearing uncomfortable clothes to stand for hours will kill you. Choose one that you are comfortable with. and complete it with shoes that easy to move.

To complete the outfit bring your Ame raincoat you can mix and match with your outfit and of course, it will keep you dry when a sudden rain is coming. By using ame raincoat you can still enjoy the concert without worry of getting wet

4.    Essentials stuff

Whether you are a simple or tend to carry many stuff person, some important items can’t be missed when you’re going to a concert. You shouldn't have to bring too many stuff to a concert it'll only trouble you and here from our list.

a.    Your phone and power bank. These two stuff can't be separated when you are going to a concert. Besides you want to capture many moments there, you will use your phone to contact your friends, using payment apps, or ordering your taxi.

b.    Don’t forget to bring your wallet with some cash on it. Some event organizer maybe already provide digital payment gateway onsite, but you never know that you might need to use cash on some tenants or outside the venue.

c.    And if you tend to bring some other stuff with you such as makeup kit, tissue, Instax, and any other stuff, it would be nice to bring a bag to put all items above. Use a bag that easy to carry and comfortable to move, but choose a not-too-big bag because it is heavy and will disturb your movement and other audiences

5.    Enjoy the moment

Enjoy the concert as much as you want, the most important thing is you live the moment you have, you might want to share or save some memories of it and that’s perfect, but just don’t take too much, because you are not aim to be the concert cameraman (haha) and it might distract other people view too, so enjoy your moment there.

6.    Respect the other

Sometimes you will lose control while enjoying the concert or you might be in a hurry because of your friends waiting, but try to respect other audiences and mind your surroundings. And it's necessary to say sorry when you accidentally made mistakes or disturb other audience. The key is to respect the other and you might even get new friends who share the same interest as you.

7.    Site map check

Take time to check the venue map, it might be unnecessary or it's just a boring decorative element onsite, but Checking the site map will help you to find important things such as toilets, security or the event organizer, even an exit door. This way you help your own needs and you know where to go when there is an emergency situation.

p.s. a little exercise before the concert day will help you get more enthusiastic and don’t forget to memorize the lyrics so you can sing along with your favorite artist.

And last we hope you can have a good experience and good memories, dah!