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Feb 28 2018

Gare Series Release

 Taking a different approach in designing product, Gare is inspired by the strong wind that often come along with the rain, The gale wind. It is designed to be streamlined and well-ventilated. All-black would be the right choice since it is the manifestation of the storm.

Designing Gare from scratch to actual product itself is quite a long process. The original design is shifted, from parka into anorak. The resulting product is a minimalistic anorak that able to withstand wind blow and water splash, the elements that often become hurdles for many urbanites in exploring the concrete jungle.. 

The functional details of the anorak come in the form of back flap with breathable mesh for ventilation, side slots with snap buttons, front anorak compartment, and water resistant zipper, assembled on the water resistant fabric.

Gare meant to be the counterpart of the earlier collection : the Authentic series. It is aimed to be technical yet still maintain the eastern minimalistic look of ame. Thus, it still maintains the "form x function" creed that we follow in designing products.

Gare will come in limited stock. That's mean it is unlikely to be produced ever again. Purchasable only via online.