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Feb 28 2018

Authentic Series Release

 Bandung – October 28, 2016. We are proud to introduce the authentic series of ame raincoat. The first rain essentials wear that gives the emotional attachment rather than just a tool to keep ourselves not getting wet in the rain. This will be our timeless piece. The authentic series also inherits the same feeling as our previous collection, which is the reflection of the feeling of joy in the rain. “We remodel our previous collection to achieve higher sophistication. Nothing is wasted. It will be very simple, but believe us, everything’s there and that is how the authentic series is born”. Authentic series© features water sealing technologies to prevent the water to get through inside; “hard-shell” outer material, snap button, and cotton fabrics inside the raincoat.

Authentic series© is an enhancement of the previous series, in previous series (colorful rain series). Now in this series we consider the improved materials and the part uses. The concept is to not only fulfilling the basic necessity, but also to give a good feel when wearing raincoat and to keep you look good. The simple and clean looks is served to satisfy the users. The design fuses function and style. All wrapped in a clean Japanese aesthetics. To become a sweet companion and reliable comrade are ame product’s core values.

Just in time for the next rainy season in Indonesia and autumn in 4 seasons country, this product is available online, it can be found in social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Line account @ameraincoat , ame website in beta version can be found in , inside it the latest news, product and catalogue. ame also open opportunity for b2b business model, for the company who needs collaborate or services.

“Developing new products is always an interesting (and also challenging) process to us,” said Mirza Miftahuddin, ame CEO. “ame takes different approach in making it’s rain-matter products. Rain is not our opponent, instead it is our ally!”