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Aug 19 2020

Re-balance Collection Release

Re-balance your life! Bandung, August 16th 2020   We all have been affected by Covid-19 pandemic this year, it’s still happening in almost all over the world and we don't know how long this will go on. This has a considerable impact on various aspects and has caused significant changes in the social and economic conditions in society.   Over time, this incident brings more or less changes in our life, both our habits and lifestyle has shifted to the current condition.
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Apr 28 2020

Unbounded Collection Release

Unbound The Energy Of Our Inner VibrantIntroducing AME’s New Collection: “unbounded” Bandung - April 28 nd 2020Life has always been a never-ending series of changes. Just when we thought it couldn’tbe more bizarre, we got struck by COVID-19 pandemic in the early year. This changesour behavior—the way we interact with society, and how we perceive the world. We can’t escape from “the nature of changing”, can we? We might just play with it andmake...
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Oct 11 2019

Makkoto Series Release

Bandung - September 22nd 2019, We are joining The Big Design Market 2019 in Sydney, Australia. We launch our latest article MAKKOTO Series at the event for the first time, it also our first experience to join an exhibition and launch new article overseas. MAKKOTO series was inspired by the lifestyle and mobility of urban people, who live in city with busy activity. Most of their jobs is office worker in big companies such as sales, marketing, design team etc. Every day they have to appear in ...
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Aug 20 2019

Celebrate The Independence Day

Entering the month of August, you will see red and white colors displayed everywhere: buntings, banners, to flags strewn across and above some streets or maybe the residents’ houses decorated with lights. This is because on the 17th of August, Indonesia is going to celebrate its 74nd year of independence from invaders. Indonesian citizens welcoming it with joy, because every year this historic event is celebrated with various exciting events from formal to other traditional or
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Aug 10 2019

Bonito Parka Release

Bandung, 25 Juli 2019 - Finally, the release of our new raincoat series is back again after a long time. Named as Bonito series, we take it from a fish name that likes migrating to many area around the globe and have no problem adapting to different conditions. So, the making of this series can make you adapt in heavy rain but still makes you easy to move and travelling everywhere without worries. The appearance of the new series comes from a parka in the past, M51, back in the days was used by...
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