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About Us


ame (Pronounced as ame) is a local brand from Bandung, Indonesia which focuses on developing rain essential products with lifestyle values as its core USP. It is founded by product design scholars who have dedicated themselves to foster rainwear products as a fashion in Indonesia. They believe that the rainwear products have been made and designed poorly for the last decade. Also, Indonesia is the perfect country to establish a rainwear fashion as it is a tropical country with at least six months of rainy season. 

At the moment, rainwear products are only seen as a functional product and it has been part of Indonesia citizen’s culture. However, ame believes that a rainwear products do not have to be just functional while sacrificing its aesthetic values; it can be both at the same time.ame’s vision is to shape people’s perspective in rainwear products. While their mission is to make both highly functional with aesthetic values rainwear products. Their vision and mission become the basic principal to their first collection: The “Colorful Rain Series”. The Colorful Rain Series which embodies the joy of wearing it in the rain.